Zara’s School Life [v0.2.7] By NeoSpectre

NeoSpectre Games released a new game called Zara’s School Life and the version is 0.2.7. The game’s story is about You follow and control Zara Williams as she takes on a challenge to become the Prom Queen in the Graduation Day Promenade no matter what the cost. Can you help her become a somebody after spending all her life as a nobody? Take her on a journey in school and with her family and even random strangers in the city as you build Zara towards a slut who will do anything and everything to achieve her goals. She is a woman of focus, commitment and sheer will.​

Developer: NeoSpectre
File Size: 266.1 MB
Version: 0.2.7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Sex Passages Currently In the Game: 130
Approx. number of sex scenes: 160 (counting variations in the same sex passages)


  • Added a settings menu to let players change the font, changed the default font (new default: Ubuntu)
  • Some minor UI tweaks and adjustments
  • Fixed some “required corruption” text not being present
  • Quests are now on a cooldown if rejected, the cooldown ends on week end (allowance day)
  • Added 4 straight scenes with Dick in the shower
  • Added 3 straight scenes with Xavier in the shower
  • Added 3 straight scenes with Xavier while buying drug ingredients
  • Added 1 new quest, “Apology Accepted…?” to Dick’s storyline
  • Added 1 new quest, “Drugs 101” to Dick’s storyline
  • Added drug making mechanic to the game, sell them at the Park for profit!
  • Added 1 forced straight scene while selling drugs in the park
  • Added 3 straight scenes while selling drugs in the park
  • Added 1 lesbian scene while selling drugs in the park

Developer Notes:

My name is NeoSpectre and I love entertaining people with stories. I used to write horror stories on Reddit and finding myself enjoying that process I have switched to something a bit more… sensual. I do hope you enjoy the game I have made, it’s the very initial release and a lot more is planned and so here is a peak at the planned updates:

  • 0.2 – School and Home Update
  • 0.3 – The City Update
  • 0.4 – The Family Update
  • 0.5 – The Jobs Update
  • 0.6 and onwards – Story and Content Updates

I am highly driven and can’t wait to keep working on this game and it would be greatly appreciated if you support me as a member since it helps me keep a roof above my head

Game Images & Screenshots


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