Vacation Comes with a Cost [v0.1 Revamped] By IcyGhouls

IcyGhouls Games released a new game called Vacation Comes with a Cost and the version is 0.1 Revamped. The game’s story is about Found an ad for a free vacation, yet? Our protagonist sure did! You’ll play as Bran on an island with your fellow lucky travelers. Get to know the ladies, and bond with the dudes, you’ll be needing it to root out who is there out for blood. Make the wrong call and you, or your fellow travelers die. Will you be able to get out of the island alive? Explore, Investigate, survive, and have a good time, because, after all, a “Vacation comes with a cost.”​

Developer: IcyGhouls
File Size: 1.54 GB
Version: 0.1 Revamped
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1 Revamped

  • Plot rewrite
  • Audio Overhaul
  • Added new map locations
  • Added a Censor/Uncensor button for gore scenes
  • New characters
  • Fight animation scenes
  • Lots of new lewd scenes
  • 9 endings (For the current version)
  • Redrawn previous scenes and map parts
  • Second mc introduction, Athena
  • Added scenario to carry weight to player choices
  • Partially proofread by Remplier

Developer Notes:

Vacation Comes with a Cost is a fantasy game created by me, PenNib & cb_from_myself , where you play as Bran on a vacation with his fellow travelers. Root out who are the murderers and find a way how to get out of the island alive.

Some backgrounds maps are digitally painted however rendered through AI (subject to change in the future to digital paint if we find a background artist) We apologize for any grammatical error since English is not our native language, however, proofreading will be in full effect on the v.01 which we might be able to release mid 2023. The demo is suppose to be 25 mins+, but we need to cut it down to a few minutes to make it full circle. The art for the v0.1 is at 70% at the moment and the coding is at 40%.

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