Turbo Boost Switcher Pro 2.12.0 Free Download

Turbo Boost Switcher Pro is a little application for Mac computers that allows to enable and/or disable the Turbo Boost feature. Install it and the battery of your Intel® Mac will last up to a 25% more* and lower down your CPU temp up to 25ºC depending on use, including lower fan speeds due to heat reduction.

Turbo Boost Switcher Pro 2.12.0 Free Download

It installs a precompiled kernel extension (32 or 64 bits depending on your system) that updates the Turbo Boost MSR register, so It will ask for your admin password when using it. It’s installed on your Mac status bar.

Turbo Boost Switcher Pro Key Features

  • Enable / Disable Turbo Boost feature on demand.
  • Monitors both CPU Speed and Temperature.
  • Configure open at Login.
  • New CPU Load and Temperature auto modes!
  • Charting revamped with CPU Load and Frequency!
  • New auto mode priorities customisation.
  • New global hotkeys with custom assignments!
  • Notifications!
  • Improved performance
  • Temperature, Fan, Battery, CPU Load and Temperature, Apps auto modes too.

Enable / Disable at launch

+ Auto disable when battery level is below a threshold
+ Auto enable/disable when apps are launched
+ Auto enable/disable based on CPU Temp & fan speed
+ Fully customizable status bar
+ Enter root password just once
+ Auto disable Turbo Boost when not charging
+ OSX Notifications integration
+ Display Temps on ºC and ºF
+ Free updates forever

Turbo Boost Switcher Pro 2.12.0 Free Download

What’s new in version 2.12.0

Updated on Nov 01 2022


  • New Temperature auto mode (only on PRO): After a long wait and a lot of requests, it’s finally here.., an auto mode that allows you configure Turbo Boost to be disabled depending on CPU temperature.
  • Global hotkeys! (FREE and PRO): Now you can enable / disable Turbo Boost at anytime without having to remove your hands from keyboard.., no matter the app currently in use since the hotkeys are now global! This is also another feature requested by many of you.
  • Fahrenheit in Charts (FREE and PRO): Now charts also allow to display data using Fahrenheit scale when configured that way…, and yes, this is now also a free feature.
  • Fixed and issue that prevented charts to refresh after a long period of time sleeping on certain mac models.
  • Improved performance when checking auto modes configuration. All users of macOS Big Sur should update to this version, since Apple changed the way kexts are loaded and improvements were made.
  • Other minor fixes, improvements and translation fixes.
  • New install procedure (FREE and PRO): Due to some Apple Changes, now the install procedure has changed just a bit and you must drag a folder with the app and resources instead only one .app file.

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • Mac OS X 10.7.0 or later

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