The Running of the Wolves [Beta v2.1.1] By Methodia Rascal

Methodia Rascal Games released a new game called The Running of the Wolves and the version is Beta v2.1.1. The game’s story is about Every year, Pineridge holds it’s annual Running of the Wolves Festival. In some parts of the world, this kind of thing might be about running away from a stampede of Bulls or something. Pineridge does it very differently. People apply in their droves to join in, though few actually make it into the competition. Some do it for the prizes. Some do it for the challenge. Most come because they want to experience being hunted down by a pack of horny wolves.

In theory, the objective is to be the last remaining competitor to make it to the finish line, but every year the countryside around the town ends up littered with very sticky unconscious but extremely satisfied people. That’s assuming they don’t meet any of the other creatures that live out in the wilds first.

Developer: Methodia Rascal
File Size: 1.14 GB
Version: Beta v2.1.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Demo – v2.1.1
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Developer Notes:

The Running of the Wolves is a pre-game demo, so is liable to have bugs and issues still to be resolved. It has been tested, but there will be bugs that have yet to be found… It is recommended that you use the app to download this game, so it can update without the need for redownloading it each time. So, now the disclaimer is out of the way… The Running of the Wolves is planned to be a sort of singleplayer stealth/adventure hybrid with roguelike elements. You will start from the town of Pineridge, and make your way through the surrounding countryside while battling the hunters and other competitors. It is planned to have a multi-choice map to move between procedural levels, choosing whether to take longer routes to avoid enemies or try to sneak past or strongarm your way through. The game will feature procedurally generated persistent enemies and competitors, so the people you meet in Pineridge will be out in the fields against you until either they collapse or you do.

This game is absolutely 18+. Maybe this warning should have been before that banner, but it’s not like there’s an edit button or anything.

Currently, there are infinite levels in this game. What that actually means, is The Paddock, where you can test out the game mechanics, the plantlife and the Wolves, then there’s a demo procedural dungeon with almost infinite layouts. As development progresses, other types of levels will be added, as well as animations, characters, player characters and enemies. This whole game so far is glorified testing.

There is only one player character so far, and 2 enemy types. You’ll only find the wolves in the dungeons.

This game contains the following stuff:

  • Badly animated sex
  • better animated sex
  • tentacles
  • masturbation
  • sexual takedowns
  • weaponised facesitting
  • big rocks
  • hungry plants

To be honest, most of the content is pretty tame. As development progresses, other interesting stuff will be added, as will content settings. The game is being built with this in mind.

The plan is to try to avoid the pitfalls of many other games and avoid the project continuing for years to come. The game contains a roadmap showing the 4 planned phases of the game. These aren’t 100% set though, and items in them can change around if required. For example, adding male Player Characters was a few phases on, but it’s a feature that’s been heavily requested, so it should be an earlier priority.

It’s anticipated that the content of each phase will be flexible.

The final big thing is costs of the game. Because it’s still a demo, I’m not charging for it. However, once the game is completed, I do plan on selling it. The main reason for this is that the more projects i have to do to pay the bills, the slower development on this is. I’d like it to be the priority, but unfortunately work for rent and food comes first.

The best way to help support the game is to donate something towards it. Failing that, I’ve got a patreon up and running for all my projects at: Anything really does help.

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