The Fapocalypse [v0.1.11b] By FAP Online Creation

FAP Online Creation Games released a new game called The Fapocalypse and the version is 0.1.11b. The game’s story is about The world has fallen to chaos after all the males were wiped out from earth by an unknown virus. “The D-POX”, like the nations named it, is targeting libido and the blood flow to the male reproductive organ. The symptoms are so intense that the men were dying from too rapid changes in their blood circulation with it going all in the same place, which left basically none in the brain. In a matter of weeks, the male gender was eradicated except for one individual, you.

Having a rare genetic condition, you are partially resistant to the virus which gives you the ability to release the blood flow by reaching orgasm. But, the symptoms are still very frequent and the more you help yourself the more you become desensitized and the harder it gets to release the pressure. You may require the help of the women around you. You must provide for your women and build a safe environment for them. Will you get to the bottom of this virus and the dark secrets behind it or will you perish at the end of the evil organization the MAD?​

Developer: FAP Online Creation
File Size: 1.62 GB
Version: 0.1.11b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1.11 releases

  • v0.1.11b
    scenes an UI bugfix
  • v0.1.11a
    Gallery Bugfix


    CHEAT menu and system revamped
    We decided to bonify the cheat menu and system for simplicity and convenience. The cheat system is now way more intuitive.

  • New Gabbie and Angela main scenes
    Angela and Gabbie are starting to open themselves to you, you might want to have a chat with them.
  • New floors in both forest and wastelands
    The story of The Fapocalypse to the forest and the wastelands. New floors are waiting for you!
  • New clues to find Riley and Sarah
    Riley and Sarah are feeling more and more closer as you find some clues to find them!

Developer Notes:

This is the first test release, all dialogue and text will be significantly upgraded.

Game Images & Screenshots

Others: ONLINE (More bugs and less smooth)

Before Rework (v0.03)


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