Tacarasu [v0.30] By Itaguaçu – Adult Games Download

Itaguaçu Games released a new game called Tacarasu and the version is 0.30. The game’s story is about a 3D survival game with adult content​

Developer: Itaguaçu
File Size: 148.8 MB
Version: 0.30
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • Error when collecting water fixed;
  • Bonus water and free food error fixed;
  • Animation alignment error fixed (happens in Dayani’s event);
  • Error when multiplying food in the inventory fixed!(the error occurs when the player has 99 items in the inventory);
  • Now, when the player teleports to the camp, the day will remain the same! There will be no advance in time;
  • I’ve added a mini-map to the game! Now players will be able to know where events are taking place;
  • I’ve added an automatic save function. Now, every time the player goes to sleep, the game will be saved automatically;
  • Minor changes to the movement system;
  • I’ve added 3 songs to the game;

Added content:

  • Addition of a new magical fruit: bell pepper! 3 varieties with magical effects;
  • 2 new regions added;
  • New character added to the game! The character Lisany is a wood elf;
  • New main story event;

Adult content added:

  • A new variation for the Tuti character (increase Tuti’s level to 2 to unlock);
  • A new variation for the Beti character (increase Beti’s level to 2 to unlock);
  • A new variation for the character Tina (increase Tina’s level to 2 to unlock);
  • A new variation for the character Raquel (increase Rachel’s level to 3 to unlock);
  • New event added “Yoga with the girls”;

— 2 new variations for the character Dayani!;

— 2 new variations for the character Limda;


  • Fixed alignment error in Dayani’s level 1 variation event! *Fixed dialog errors!
    *Adjusted XP system, now characters will earn 5 or 6 XP points, depending on the event!
  • Adjusted the item collection system, now the player will earn varying amounts of items.
  • The new adult events will have two cameras, the player will be able to choose which camera to look at!
  • The character Tuti has been added to the game with a new look!
  • 4 new characters have been added!
  • 7 new main story events added (unlock requirements)

Adult content:

  • 3 variations (blowjob) (Dayani + Dim, Limda + Dim e Raquel + Dim)
  • 2 variations – ( rubbing pussy) (Dayani + Dim, Limda + Dim)
    Four new adult events have been added!
  • 3 new events -( titjobs ) (Tuti + Dim, Tina+ Dim, Beti+ Dim)
  • 1 new event – ( vaginal penetration) (Pitanguinha + Dim)

Developer Notes:

I’m Itaguaçu, I’m a 3D game developer with adult content. This is my first project, I’m a beginner game developer, so don’t expect a big, good quality project. This game is strictly +18, please do not download if you are under 18 years old!!!

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