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Reunion game from Karabinek is about you play the role of a 27-year-old man who returns to his hometown after nearly 10 years to hear his father’s last will and testament.

You control the MC as he attempts to exact revenge on Linda, the woman who ruined his life, because of whom he had to leave town and leave his family and closest friends. Plotting his revenge, the MC falls deeper and deeper into the world of secrets of his father, discovering things he never had any clue about. The MC will have to come face-to-face the past as well as with dark side of his hometown and finally, after many years, close this chapter of his life. Help the MC find out the truth by playing “REUNION.”​

Updated: 2024-06-07
Release Date: 2024-06-07
Developer: Karabinek Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: v0.70
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Harem, Big tits, Big ass, Lesbian, Masturbation, Teen, MILF, Anal sex, Corruption, Vaginal sex, Romance, Virgin

Planned: Slave, Pregnancy


1. Extract and run.

Android Gestures

  • Swipe Up – Save Slots
  • Swipe Down – Hide UI
  • Swipe Right – Skip
  • Swipe Left – Rollback
  • Swipe Up then Down – Toggle/Disable Auto Forward Mode



– Day 15
– Over 2500 images.
– Many animations.
– A lot of sex scenes.
– New girl: Kate.
– Built-in walkthrough has been improved and adjusted.
– Changed and improved Gallery and Pictorials.
– The story was once again proofread and English was improved.
– Fixed most of the bugs and errors.

– Day 14 with over 2000 pictures, 14 animations and 5 sex scenes.
– new girls: Kayla, Jade (a red haired beauty with small or large breasts), Paige, Amber, Lucy and Maya.
– Days 1 to 4 have been fully re-rendered with all new visuals.
– Days 5 to 6 – I partly rendered new pictures and partly improved the quality of the existing ones.
– Days 7 to 13 – I improved the quality of some of the pictures.
– The main story has not changed, but the stories for Keira/Megan, Sandra/Emily and Karen/Jessica have changed.
– Sandra and Emily have been affected the most and their paths have changed the most.
– All dialogue has been reviewed and a lot of changes have been made to enhance and expand the story to make your experience better.
– Added a walkthrough – if you turn it on in the settings menu for most choices, you will get a hint and it will be easier for you to decide what to choose.
– Improved the scoring notification and added pregnancy points – completely redesigned the photo gallery and pictorials.
– Improved and extended the statistics.
– Changed the game prologue and added an age verification page.
– Improved the appearance of the main menu.
– Removed the annoying movies at the beginning and end of the day and replaced them with something simpler.
– Proofread the entire story and improved the English language significantly.
– And most importantly, I improved the game code by removing most of the bugs.


Day 11
Over 1000 images
Several animations
Several sex scenes
Over 30 000 words
Minor changes to dialogues
The start of the game has been changed.
Fixed most of the bugs and errors.


**Days 7 and 8**
Almost 1000 images
Several animations
Several sex scenes
New hot girls
Statistics screen enhanced
Sandra’s backstory changed (rape is gone)
UI enhanced (background images, fonts, buttons etc. changed)
Smartphone enhanced. Icons adjusted.
You can now change the default wallpaper with images you unlock during the gameplay (Notification will be displayed)
Added creampie option to sex scene with Mary (DAY 5)
Added creampie counter for all girls
Minor changes to dialogues
Fixed smoking/no smoking to work properly

Next two days of the story
Over 1000 images
Several animations
Several sex scenes
Two new hot girls
Two hidden scenes which you can access by finding an interactive object (1 during day 5 and 1 during day 6)
The option to keep Lisa from changing her hairstyle (Requires playing from day three)
The option to disable smoking scenes (Requires playing from the beginning)

First four days of the story
Almost 800 images
5 animations
Gallery and Statistics
Several sex scenes
Many hot girls

If you use the “update patch” on your current install, you must delete any “scripts.rpa” files from the game 


Uncompressed Version


Download For Win/Lin (v0.65)

Download For Update Only (v0.65 -> v0.70)

Download For Unofficial Android Version

Download For Compressed Win/Lin

Download For Compressed Mac

-Split Version (v0.45)-

Download For Win/Lin PART 1

Download For Win/Lin PART 2

Download For Win/Lin PART 3

Download For Win/Lin PART 4

Download For Win/Lin TORRENT LINK (v0.45)

Download For Win/Linux Compressed (v0.45)

Download For Android + Mod (v0.45)


Download Patch

WINCEST PATCH *version: v0.70
feature: makes Linda mc’s Mother. Jennifer, Nicole, Lisa – mc’s sisters, сhanges some lines in the game.
install: Unzip to the “game” folder.


MEGA PIXELDRAIN PATREON *version 0.65 **Fix for missing image error: MEGA – Place it into Reunion/game then overwrite when prompted

Official Compressed Version (Old Version)

Download For Patch Only (v0.50 -> v0.55)


MEGA PIXELDRAIN PATREON *Fix for missing image error: MEGA – Place it into Reunion/game then overwrite when prompted

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