Potion Shop Schwesterherz [v0.30] By random Crow

random Crow Games released a new game called Potion Shop Schwesterherz and the version is 0.30. The game’s story is about This game is in a very early state. You, the player, is controlling Sonja, the girl that roams the forest and collects ingredients to make potions. Sonja found out that only cum makes her potions work, so she is collecting those important essences from various creatures in the woods.

Meanwhile, her sister Linda is running the shop. Being a shopkeeper and selling all those potions just increases her sex drive, leading her to make love to random customers. Luckily Sonja is able to talk into her conscious. On the other hand, Linda could make some extra coins this way… Try out the game’s unique dialogue sex mechanic; similar to battle sex!

Developer: random Crow
File Size: 170.2 MB
Version: 0.30
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • new location: Deep Forest
    • 5 new enemies (Boar, Slug, Rat, Face Grabbers, Unicorn)
    • 1 new trap (Snake)
    • 4 new potions (Great Health Regeneration Potion, Great Stamina Regeneration Potion, Invisibility Potion, Revival Potion)
    • 4 new ingredients (Mystic Flower, Moon Shroom, Tree Resin, Fluff Cob)
    • 2 new essences (Pig Essence, Fey Essence)
    • all in all 11 new h-animations
  • 3 new CG’s: Doppelgänger, Dryade and Orc
  • 1 new dialogue between Sonja and Linda (after Deep Forest got unlocked)
  • new language available: French


  • the pouches that crows drop now include ingredients that are connected to the area the crow is in
  • reduced the chase speed of the pillbug by 20%
  • moved unlocked rivals CG’s from the staircase to the bedroom


  • when laying egg animation started and Sonja was about to pick something up, she was duplicated
  • fixed issues with slime jumping pathfinding
  • fixed issue that enemies which are attacking aren’t turning towards Sonja, when she is not in front of the enemy anymore, but still in attack range. I’d say the bug can still appear, but WAY LESS
  • sometimes Sonja survived with 0 health or stamina, because the number was rounded to zero, even if she had like 0.3 hp/stam left. Now health and stamina numbers are ceiled.
  • fixed dryade ignoring the shower and outfit essence bonus in most of the cases

Developer Notes:

!!!An important note!!!
Since this is the first-ever release of the game, some mechanics haven’t been implemented yet! For example, Nothing is happening yet when going beyond 10 gossips. Also bringing down Linda’s inhibition to 0 has limited function yet. There will be more connected to these game mechanics in future updates!

There is more planned, like:

  • experience points and skill trees
  • save and load function
  • other potion shop owners, who blackmail the girls
  • different clothes, mainly for Sonja, but also for Linda
  • more areas to explore
  • more enemies
  • more items
  • more options and therefore more recipes
  • more animations for the sisters

Cheats to enter in the settings menu

I took a look at the code, didn’t had time to play it yet T_T

nude or standard > to remove clothes
profit > add 1000 money
medicine > max health/stamina
favor > remove gossip
nun or whore > to adjust inhibition
lewd or reserved > to adjust libido

Game Images & Screenshots


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