Portals of Phereon [v0.26.1.0][Syvaron] – VisitMama


1 new unique
added fungal spirits as unlockable starting option.
added electric base spirit. (also unlockable)
1 new special hybrid.

Added some bonus modifiers for various team setups with special effects.
Multiplier should more accurately show in total appeal.
Buying/Expanding rooms is cheaper. Even more on fast games.
Added a few actions/traits for shows

Endgame stuff:
Added challenge portals after winning. Each day you choose portals to open with increasingly high difficulty.
Enemies in there have a higher cap on level/party size.
Special rare enemies can spawn in there.

Should be much faster to open save window with many saves.
Now an additional file is created in the saveData folder, storing information.
The file isn’t necessary and could be deleted etc. temporarily removing info from the save window.
File is readable/searchable. Journal entries will be included there. They also appear as tooltip in save window.
Saves from the same start can be more clearly recognized by an id.
Can sort saves by name/id/character/date.
Can toggle a simplified view.

Seeds can contain things to modify them. (case sensitive. can use multiple)
“Crea/CreaM/CreaF”,”Evo”,”Druid/DruidM/DruidF”,”Other” to guarantee mc.
“Fav” for currently favourite gallery character/4th mc. (seed won’t be fixed with differetn selections)
“Fire”,”Water”… for affinity
“Fusion”,”Fusion+”,”Farm”,”Farm+” override default farmfocus
“Medium”,”Long”,”FreePlay”, override gamelength
Other selected traits: Gacha, Natural, Hard
Example: “FireCreaGacha69” = starts a run with Creation/Fire element and Gacha, while other stuff is random.
Each unique seed should always result in the same start more accurately now.

4 new difficulty modifiers and 2 new achievements/traits.
Added some town npc objectives/tasks.
Npcs now keep up to 2 actions for the next day if unused.
added some new events/gallery entries
Option to keep items in party stash when returning
many small changes

Sprout now costs 0ap. Druid hiddenpower skillnodes have bonus stats.
Buffed some slimebulb abilities. Crea gets a skill to throw bulbs. Infected also heals/damage 10% if it’s higher.
Spores created by spore effect have genes equal to their origin.
Item value no longer scales exponentially with upgrade ranks.

Noteworthy bugfixes:
Hostility didn’t scale correctly based on distance to portal. (could be a lot higher early on)
portals with all species had centaurs with twice the probability
tavern quests were halved while below 50 reputation, instead of -50
tanid team perk also gave the enemy a slimebulb.
many other bugfixes.


new date events
Some new town events for uniques.
Alternate path to secret ending (not requiring Terranva)
Changed some endings and added some story event pictures.
Normal/bad? endings have a special event/challenge after you won.

new boss fight in succubus world
3 new unique characters (all from new boss encounter)
Updated art: Mya, Godform. Added some clothing for Lumira,Mya.

Noteworthy species/character changes:
Summoned drones have abdomen trait, letting them collect energy through presenting.
Added presenting based global passives to Inara and morta
Added mc traits for Zil, Eisvyl and Ara.
Lightaffinity also triggers at combat start

Can toggle automatic loop/reverse and change speed. Skips not unlocked entries.
Changed some controls for expanded picture view.
Can now advance to next total picture, regardless of it being a variation/alt/next scene.
Can also change category and go backwards.

Starting portal is really easy now and can have any random subspecies. (on the first day the stable portal tab opens by default)
New players should be able to explore combat more easily with low threat now.
Peaceful modifier prevents scaling based on distance to portal.
Combat professions (knight,magician,battlemaster) are stronger
Replicate costs mana. (glowflies can’t use it firt turn)
After winning a battle you get a turn of ambush protection
tundra/desert events spawn more frequently

Fertility/virility genes also increase energy/milk capacity and regen.
The bonus essence choice for picking yellow profession is only consumed after choosing an additional option
Can marry any unique character for generic stat boosts/essence (unaffected by recruited town npcs)
Dating wife grants a temporary special card in your deck.
new achievements+ traits
Can see character tooltip from Fusion/Farm window.
removed the mark toggle from home screen to prevent accidental changes
many bugfixes. (Overlooked a new bug. the sharra upgrade actually upgrades Ara instead)

Next update is probably quite soon, mostly focusing on writing and cleaning up placeholders.



  • Sometimes passing day with too high or low rep caused errors/softlock.
  • lumira event increased current stam instead of max
  • level didn’t get inherited properly within ranges in some circumstances.


  • “Explorer” removes price scaling with upgrade rank. and only doubles wealth.
  • common items now scale 25% each upgrade (though forgot to update tooltip)
  • New bug: items with manacost above 5 get lowered to 5 on upgrade.



  • events in portals with native shadowgirls could cause a softlock.
  • some wrong date cards/targets
  • antidote item skill didn’t work on infinite poison
  • stone affinity started with +2 armor.
  • portal tooltip on overworld was placed in wrong position.


  • S_unit event won’t reapeat after winning a few times.
  • S_units can be build and spawn among other robots.
  • Ambush chance on starting portal is 0.
  • After fleeing/getting ambushed, gain protection from ambushes for 1/2 turns.
  • Limitbreaks are a bit easier/have less resistance.
  • Home in dates is more likely to generate character events at high lewdity.
  • All date events now have generic tooltips to tell what the basic values are.
  • Added a home event to add excited once per date (keep lewd when changing location)
  • removed a few high lewd cards in starting decks.



  • “Resonance” could be used on any enemy.
  • When enemy uses “Martyr”, it healed player units.
  • Evolution skilltree radiation immunity was lost when transforming. (could miss new event trigger)
  • Changing skills of wife or unit with flexible would still put adapted trait on.
  • Lumira wife trait partially applied always.
  • Mya increased brothel income instead of Flora.
  • Strong fusion focus didn’t have the crystal cost reduction.
  • Special of Suzy as mc didn’t work on strong lifesteal.
  • Could close hatching window during selection, losing the character.
  • Sextraining used old fertility formula and didn’t consider traits.
  • Could remarry same character after they got defeated in battle and got stat buffs again.
  • A spirit genes skillnode in crea plant tree was bugged.


  • Wormaids had aquatic movement, making them weird for desert movement.(also had default growths)
  • Drought passive buffed.
  • Now, only half of magic strength is added to spirit genes.
  • Added cheat “mctrait (name of genetic trait)”
  • Buffed some old special hybrids/their unique skills

v0.22.0.0 Changelog:
Actually all uniques can now be selected as main character (including town npcs etc.)
All unique characters have some bonus when used as maincharacter.
Gallery keeps track of which uniques you’ve won with already.
4th maincharacter has their own companion and some story stuff/events.
new special unique character that is the default 4th maincharacter:
More specific tutorial/starting guide.
Various starting bonuses.
4th maincharacters have access to some skills to adapt, generally focused on terrain manipulation.

Removed the alternate loss condition of druid based on reputation. All characters now lose based on failed kings quests.
Druid gets doubled relation with the king instead.
added access to gallery from character creation, allowing you to select 4th maincharacter easier.

more events
Events generally interact more with cards and score.
New status effect that increases all score gain after climax.
Score from casual cards lowered.

more events
can trigger a basic brothel shift once/day triggering various events/guests to serve with rewards based on sex skills.
Removed stat bonuses for starting element selection.
Removed the individual sex training.
Removed month/week/season. Now ui shows days based on game length.
Also shows kings quest timer and some reminders for special portals in top.
“wild” modifier adds a random creature instead of 2 plants.
If you only use bonus traits/profession, you get some extra starter points.
some town event uniques can be recruited instantly after having them unlocked in the gallery.
Many small changes.

starting quest for short runs is 6 days. (quests for day 6, 10, 14)
cheaper uses for workforce.
final mission is open for less time after reaching your game length.
All basic spirits/seedlings have +2 speed to always have some utility.
Changed some difficulty/hostility scaling based on game lengths.
Rival power more consistently reflects their power. Also have fixed amounts of spirits based on power.
Rivals are generally stronger. power affects their own stats more.
more varied enemy compositions (few stronger or more weaker enemies possible)
Eggmastery caps at 100. Angel/Demon potential can’t increase above max level, but are cheaper.
Changed some numbers for difficulty modifiers.
Final mission is open for less time.

Noteworthy bugfixes:
Couldn’t do some achievements that require winning in freeplay.
free play special portals had wrong/unclear thresholds.
Girata was bugged.
Dunecasters didn’t spawn.

V0.22.0.0 only unlockables.sav is compatible
(To transfer unlocks, copy old “saveData” folder over and remove .sav files that aren’t “Unlockables.sav”.
Or create new saveData folder and move unlockables.sav)

Game modes:
More clear distinction between different game lengths.
Added 15 day runs as an option.
Free play: can freely open special/story portals after reaching certain world levels.
There shouldn’t really be anything exclusive to non freeplay runs anymore.
Removed the longest time limit modes, as you can basically set your own for free play.
Added an easy mode in difficulty modifiers. (Doubled mc stamina regen)
Renamed “casual” modifier to “gacha” to not imply a difficulty decrease.

Alternate gender maincharacters (Male creation, Female/Futa druid) with slight differences.
Every unique character (excluding a few story ones) is playable now.
Select any unlocked character (or species) in gallery to set as playable mc in character creation.
They have less mechanics (no skilltrees) and serve as a simplified game mode. (for example for 15 day runs.)

5 new uniques.
6 new species.
New main world biome.

new events. Some gallery entries have additional immages.
Filters for quick menu and character selections.
Optional species skills are evenly split now. (previously almost impossible to get later ones.)
When hatching a character, you have the option to send them away, gaining workforce instead.
Level tooltip shows specific stat gain numbers per level and at max level.
50%+ encumbrance doesn’t half movement time anymore

more events
Smaller deck size
player has more actions at a time.
Partner only has one action at a time and doesn’t reroll naturally. Generally higher score value than normal.
Many actions can generate specific other actions for partner.
score of cards never decreases during dates (always either fun or lust. Also smaller decreases.)

Noteworthy bugfixes:
Could duplicate characters in quickwindow.
An elf event reward wasn’t choosable.
evolutions didn’t consider size for starting stats.
evolving characters didn’t immediately update your party stats.
starting guide marker didn’t immediately appear when reloading area etc.

Some new cheats with parameters (example input: “trait Strong”)
item (itemname): get any specific item
Affecting first character in party:
trait (genetic trait name): add genetic trait
personality (personality name): add personality trait
learnedskill (learned skill name): add learned skill (precision etc.)
clearpersonality: removes personality traits (doesn’t reset stat changes)
special (special name): add special trait.

Base species:

  • Starting species will determine some starting essences.
  • Each species has 2 essences. First a small general effect, second often incentivises focusing on that base species for combat etc.
  • Either get 2 rank 1 essences or both of one species.
  • Team Synergies:
  • You get various party buffs based on your team’s base species count.
  • Each unique species will add towards their base species count.
  • Enemies will also have access to these perks based on their team.


  • New unique world with various species etc.
  • A few other new events
  • random relax/explore date events are more likely (individual chances), but most are once/date. (early on, almost guaranteed to trigger some events, but get less likely as they diminish)


  • many new, mostly legendary items.
  • Reworked many item skills.
  • Most non-consumable item-skills now have uses per combat.
  • Items with 0 range instantly cast on self.


  • Each maincharacter has a way to adapt skills of characters. (uses same one-time adapt as traits)
  • Druid can put a fixed set of skills onto spirits/seedlings.
  • Creation can adapt any character with her unlocked skills.
  • Evo can adapt any character with skills from the possible species/base species skillpools. Her upgrade makes it infinitely reusable
  • Druid can unlock various unique plant skills by exploring certain biomes.


  • Quickmanager has more options. Can also shift click tabs to sort.
  • Can also select characters to enter breed/fuse screen with them selected. (new drop field)
  • Added small summary to start-game button showing starting essences/element etc.
  • Base species more color coded in various places.


  • Added new modifer where you get characters of random quality each day, but other methods of aquiring them are much worse. (can get otherwise rare/late-game characters early on etc.)
  • Updated some species/item art.
  • On the overworld, enemy party info keeps one unit unknown.
  • Changed order of some damage calculation (sacrificed hp shouldn’t be affected by vulnerability etc.)
  • Temporary characters for events immediately join battles, regardless of party size.
  • After reaching Avy’s world, she gets a different starting option in future runs. (skipping most pet training)
  • Many smaller changes

Noteworthy bugfixes:

  • Mushroom evolution was bugged
  • Could lose dropped items when updating overworld inventory.
  • Life loss effects were affected by lust/vulnerable etc. ignoring requirements of having enough hp etc.
  • many more.



  • Each element now has a nymph evolution (4 new species)
  • Generally more evolution skill choices and more descriptive text
  • Most nymphs should provide a lot of synergy and flexibility to their element.
  • new skills
  • new special hybrid
  • 2 new special species
  • new unique
  • Flora art update


  • a lot more events/pictures
  • more cards/upgrade options
  • can only date each character once/day
  • most uniques have a small unique dating effect/passive


  • Full portals are now saved (savefile bigger based on current loaded portals. might cause loading of the save selection screen to take longer with many savefiles for now.)
  • Changing tiles affects daily changes/regrow things
  • separated building/terraform menu.
  • (foundation for more complex buildings with storage/ability to assign characters etc. in future)
  • some things can be build at higher range


  • some locations have an additional npc
  • some more special options and events
  • evo-show update
  • in shows, guests now leave when satisfaction stays at 100 or 0 for 2 turns
  • time cost for show-actions and duration halved. (ranks increase max time)
  • Removed the nearby location buttons
  • Removed some library tabs and updated info.


  • Added loadouts for starting selections.
  • Mc-genetics from character creation give bonus base stats now.
  • Some genetic starting traits have additional benefits.
  • One random profession has a yellow bonus, also giving you more options for first essence.


  • Cleaned up some decriptions/tutorial etc.
  • Updated story/lore stuff to be more consistent.
  • Druid has a new starting passive, granting a bonus based on stance.
  • Expanded fairy help suggestions
  • Unique looks and some abilities are kept after fusing, if the species matches.
  • Characters can toggle between guard and shield as defensive action. (testing for now)
  • many small QoL changes
  • some new “cheats”:
  • “skill+ +skillname” list species with that skill (e.g “skill Fireball”).
  • “passive+ +passivename” to list passives.
  • “glimpse” to reveal gallery temporarily without messing with unlocks.
  • those don’t flag a file as cheating.
  • While a file is flagged as cheating, you’re now never encumbered.

Noteworthy bug fixes:

  • Soft lock when a character had regeneration/bleed effects at the same time in a specific order.
  • AI-focus setting didn’t do anything.
  • character quest rewards were always the same
  • some types of dating action didn’t immediately update stats.
  • growth essences only applied to fusions and not eggs.
  • some elemental weaknesses weren’t consistent with tooltips.


  • I still have to write descriptions for scenes/events, which was kinda the main thing I wanted to do this update.
  • Next I’ll probably clean up/add some overworld events, fill in town stuff and add many rare world objects/biomes etc.
  • Otherwise there aren’t that many placeholders etc. in the game anymore and the core will soon be mostly finished.



  • 5 new uniques
  • 10 new species
  • 2 new special worlds
  • Reworked some Evo special forms
  • Added some upgrade events for many unique characters with new skills etc.
  • Some new clothes/futa variants
  • Some species are now elite species (max rank spirits and world bosses). Can only have one elite in your party
  • Elite species are generally stronger and more unique now.


  • Added many global passive effects, obtained by beating short unstable portals every few days.
  • When choosing exclusively from highlighted bonus professions/traits at character creation, you’ll start with a special pet
  • Spawning/destroying hives gives some skillpoints based on a portals native species
  • Added new status effects strength/magic charges (Stacking effects giving lasting 10% strength/magic each)
  • Changed some basic traits like strong/resilient etc. to affect base stat growth instead of being a multiplier
  • Eggs created by maincharacter get a special trait. Gain various bonuses based on maincharacter and amount of these in party.
  • Daily arena battle that increases difficulty/rewards of future daily battles when beaten.
  • Camping duration reverted to shorter times, but doesn’t restore stamina. (instead it sets it to a minimum if it was lower)
  • – removed level requirement for recruiting. Recruiter trait now increases lust after failed attempts
  • firing characters in town has no morale penalty
  • quickruns start with less characters and you get a random essence
  • removed stealth
  • removed weather effects at turnstart (spreading water etc.)


  • Quick/auto save always appear on top of the list. button to directly open save window.
  • Highlights saves of current file. no overwrite confirmation needed for same save
  • Hatchery shows a value for total genes of eggs
  • In combat, middle mouse button doesn’t show character tooltip if the character is selected
  • Can see current ritual level of species in “other” character tooltip section


  • more events/scenes etc. (some in categories of existing gallery)
  • some changes to dating, but still a placeholder. I’ll probably just rework it into something more simple/fun.
  • many bugfixes + smaller changes


– added new story path/alternate ending
– 9 new species. 6 new uniques.
– new achievements/professions/traits
– new events/scenes etc.

– Added scaling difficulty option. unlocks in character creation after beating the game.
– Scales infinitely, but after 10 some modifiers just repeat.
– keep track of highest difficulty/score/challenge wins for each character

– simplified farm interface/less micro management (more incentivised to keep pairs once set up)
– removed attraction and related stats for breeding
– farmpairs increase bond each day up to 10. Resets upon breaking
– bond increases efficiency of everything farm related by 10% each
– can toggle characters between producing eggs or twice the amount in crystals
– replaced the current settings (slow/vigorous etc.) with side-activities for various bonuses (farming/milking/sextraining…)

Quick character management:
– Added town screen to quickly see/manage all your characters (middle mouse button)
– Can easily move them around between places/activities
– Toggles for relevant information
– quick access to all character locations

– Changed freeplay to remove most time based scaling.
– No time pressure for anything. Difficulty is mostly player controlled.
– 80%+ completing a portal raises the worldlevel to that portals hostility
– Worldlevels work similar to ng+, raising difficulty and level caps.
– Starting level/gene caps are lower than usual

– added quickstart setting, allowing you to skip intro events (simulate default selections)
– In party prep: can click on empty item slots to filter inventory to that type
– In inventory can click avatar to select next. Removed the small character tooltips from inventory
– In battle, can hold middle mouse on a character to show tooltip
– enemies with gifted or special trait will have a star in name. Enemies with death triggered passives are also marked
– Sell-toggles for party-prep/crafting window. Generally shouldn’t need keyboard for most things now.

– Changed evo’s adapt mechanic: can now permanently learn/collect traits. learned traits can be adapted onto characters.
Druid/Crea have/unlock a restricted variation of that ability.
– ranged attacks now use all ap instead of requiring 2. (can move before. Restoring 1 ap lets you attack again etc.)
– Simulates rituals with starters at game-start
– Druid has a unique skilltree branch based on selected element to support spirits. And some other new abilities
– removed mana penalty for shadow characters for not being in shadow
– amphibious no longer has a penalty for land movement (now objectively better than basic movement)
– Combat-Exp gain doubled but reduced based on a characters level
– fused characters can’t be used for rituals, but gain +50% exp
– Your party fully heals on portal/relay tiles
– Party-teleport costs crystals now
– traits are partially weighted based on lvType, including mutagen.
– new rare (<1% chance) genetic traits based on lvType. (characters with special trait will have a star in combat)
– More stamina fairies spawn
– magicwater removes mana from enemies when in water.
– magicice also affects characters on snow
– adaptable mc-trait only doubles potion uses, but is cheaper
– more skillcombos
– Early portal/guarenteed first arena battle rewards increased.
– Some lymeans got some electric skills

Unity/UI stuff:
– updated unity version, so some rare crashes should be fixed
– starting launcher thing was removed.
– Added ingame settings for resolution/fullscreen.
– Can resize window
– Smaller file size
– Generally should run better/use less ram etc.
– added custom cursors based on character


– added energy orbs in portals that recover stamina
– starting home capacity and upgrades increased
– stamina potions restore 50 stamina instead of increasing max
– injury shown more clearly on party characters at home
– shows if an attack was resisted/weak in log
– increased effects of secondary camping actions (scavenging/training etc.)
– milk for camping capped at 5 (can use multiple times if more)
– in party preparation, can click portrait instead of next button
– spirits/tavern characters start at full stamina
– crea summons start at 100 stamina. upgrades increase it by 10
– made the farm pairs more compact

– reversed stamina loss/recovery for some things
– could select all traits instead of +1 with fusion focus
– fixed various weird ai behaviours
– portal entry cost was still based on partysize
– creation futa upgrade wasn’t considered in advanced sextraining
– in portals there was an area on the right where inputs were blocked
– wrong tooltip for poison attack
– wrong description for lavaspider evolution. also added a dex path
– milk/energy buff upgrades for crea were outdated
– some missing pictures
– special maxlevel pots used up potion slots
– farm interface didn’t fully reset, causing some weird bugs
– when selecting a pair both potion costs shown were from the right characters
– instantbreed didn’t work correctly on just formed pairs
– resting tooltips were outdated
– devil healing costed stamina
– angel was missing some pictures
– you didn’t always get a reinforce charge on certain dfficulty settings/professions


  • servicing didn’t clear lust when target had no energy
  • rng for some things didn’t change each day in some occasions (spawned same tavernquests etc.)
  • “enticed” made ai behave weirdly even when no character is presenting
  • full restore wasn’t useable
  • shelldrakes dropped invalid materials
  • could collect infinite mushrooms from one spot
  • genetic size/gender for crea summons weren’t always accurate
  • some overworld event pics weren’t shown
  • enemies in new merchant event were all bosses
  • needed to have more basic resources to craft something (instead of equal+)
  • eggs from an event were always lava type
  • some uniques didn’t have the unique trait
  • evo lost lavaimmunity trait after normal transformations
  • enemy evo in special forms showed (wrong) clothing overlay
  • removed automatic milking upgrade as its kinda redundant now
  • gallery pics for evel didn’t unlock
  • tentacle research event couldn’t trigger, as the loccation was inaccessible. (moved to guild)
  • couldn’t mindcontrol lustbound characters
  • petite/busty/Wellendowed traits didn’t affect energy/milk
  • sexmaster/god affects recruiting chance now.
  • recruit chance no longer capped between 1 and 90%. (can be higher than 100 to show skills more clearly)
  • producer increased production by +2 and *2, instead of just +2
  • equalising room upgrade behaved weirdly/opposite
  • stored eggs were weirdly aligned
  • could have same trait multiple times in tavernquest requirements
  • fixed some weird behaviour for quickruns right after doing a random battle
  • gallery didn’t show loot/produced materials for creatures
  • avy’s familiar has maxlv 10 now. avy has increased potion uses
  • manaworms can spawn in the wild now and gained mount trait
  • added some recipes for previously unused materials
  • can now get sexmaster/god traits with mc when reaching lv 10/15 in any skill
  • devil/angel pacts change stats more (and change base stats)
  • added some pics to gallery

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