piQtility 8.0.1 MacOS Torrent

piQtility 8.0.1 MacOS Torrent is a smart photo management tool for all people involved in preparing web content, catalogs, product brochures, etc. Create web albums, sort images, rename files with numerous options, file conversion to the most common file formats, color conversion, zipping files.

piQtility 8.0.1 MacOS Torrent

piQtility for photos, the built-in ‘Photos editing extension’, makes it even more user-friendly to apply image frames, color tones, rounded corners, customizable unique filters … Extremely handy if you also use Apple Photos® as your photos database to make albums, calendars, posters etc. from there.

Key Features

  • add a watermark, text or image, with a lot of creative options
  • resize, crop, adjust dimensions
  • renaming files: remove, replace characters, add prefix or postfix, numbering, etc…
  • sorting files, also in batch mode
  • adding subtle effects such as rounded corners, color layers, gradient color layers, transparant frames
  • apply photo filters
  • convert images to one of the most common file types
    and remove meta data such as EXIF, IPTC, GPS, JFIF.
  • create your own QR and bar Code 128
  • batch upload pictures to Apple Photos® and add immediately some significant meta data.
    Meta data where you can search on later in Photos®.
  • create table based html photo galleries.

piQtility 8.0.1 MacOS Torrent

What’s new in version 8.0.1

Updated on Oct 31 2022


Maintenance update:
  • Compatible with macOS Ventura.

App requirements

  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.12.0 or later
  • You can try this version, but storing modified photos from ‘piQtility for photos’ is only permitted if you are a registered user.

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