Parasite Infection [r1.33] By Anon Smith

Anon Smith Games released a new game called Parasite Infection and the version is r1.33. The game’s story is about is a sexually explicit game dealing with multiple niche fetishes. It is currently a text and picture adventure game being developed in Twine.​

Developer: Anon Smith
File Size: 171.9 MB
Version: r1.33
OS: Windows, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added part picker to the title screen directly
  • [Part 5] Added option during night phase “Masturbate close to someone” that can be used if host has a parasite in vagina or penis. The infestation has a 15% to occur on a randomly picked NPC in room
  • [Part 5] While in control of the host, approaching and having sex with another NPC while their resist is 30 or more while there are other NPC’s in the room results in a discovery bad event (+10 to busted meter)
  • [Part 5] Added option “Induce masturbation” that can be used while not in control of host. This option advances time, increases host perversion by 5 and if there are other people in the room at the moment of using this option +20 to detection meter from each person. Doing this action when arousal is quite high will increase host’s perversion by 5 more
  • [Part 5] Added option “Increase birth rate” that can be used on any time phase excluding night. This option advances time and gives 1 extra werm parasite on night phase
  • [Part 5] Added “Pheromone release” option to be also available when in control of the host (inhabiting the neck choker)
  • [Part 5] Added the option to safely get out of the current host and possess another host in Sleeping Quarters rooms during the night phase
  • [Part 5] Pheromone infected rooms can now infect the characters that visit the room. The probability is based of the % of the room infection
  • [Part 5] Removed message when exiting host not on “night” time phase
  • [Part 5] Added progress tracker to the “Resistance Reclamation” events descriptor (“#/Total”)
  • [Part 5] Added “You released pheromones” to the descriptions of pheromone release mechanic
  • [Part 5] Changed room size for pheromone release to work faster. Armory 100 → 45, Laboratory 100 → 30, Brig 100 → 60, Dining 100 → 45, Bathroom 100 → 30, Engineering 100 → 80, Kitchen 100 → 60, Range 100 → 50, Sleeping Quarters 1/2/3 100 → 30, Utility Room 100 → 30.
  • [Part 5] Room clearance mech requirements lifted, mech simplified
  • [Part 2+] Decreased perversion stat requirement for auto-accept of parasite infestation on ‘During the Night’ events (150 → 100)
  • [Part 5] Changed text color of perversion increase(cyan → purple) and resistance decrease(cyan → dark orange) for pheromone release event and % display rounded to 1 decimal
  • [Part 5] Added bottom navigation menu(s). Can be accessed when in control of host character
  • [Part 5] Added Unique parasites. Other characters can be turned into werms in the engineering room when they are choker and neck werm infested. Unique parasites use unique slots that do not take up space from ordinary infestation slots
  • [Part 1+] Space button can now be used to progress through most infestation passages
  • [Part 5] Directional keyboard keys can now be used to navigate through the base
  • [Part 4] Directional keyboard keys can now be used to cycle through bottom navigation menu and some other passages
  • [Part 1+] Space button is now used on “Continue” in self/other body part infestation passages
  • [Part 1] Directional keyboard buttons can now be used to use some of the options in passages with multiple click options
  • [Part 2] Directional keyboard keys can now be used to cycle through bottom navigation menu. ‘←’ – jump to first page in the menu, ‘→’ – cycle through the passages in the navigation menu; ‘↑’ and ‘↓’ – upstairs/downstairs if there is any.
  • [Part 2-5] Space button can now be used to progress through most passages

Artwork changes & additions:

* [Title screen] Added images of picking game part to the title screen
* [Sex acts art] Added male chest base image links to “doggy style” sex act
* [Part 1+] Fixed auto speech bubble portraits to display correctly male/female version of how Chet/Chloe looks.

Bug fixes & corrections:

[Part 5] Added [?] notification message at the “Laboratory” for the biosuit tech usage about capturing threat
[Part 1+] Fixed NPC sex act chooser by preference getting off bound with no value (cannot execute macro <<npc_sex_choices>> during NPC sex act bug)
[Part 5] “+1 phase delay” and the supporting it text of “Reclamation plotline” on during the “Time advances” events now have extra bold text formatting
[Part 1+] Added measures of removing “undefined” NPCs that can surface on “During the night/day” events
[Part 5] Corrected NPCs ‘masturbate’ behavior to infect the room with moles of pheromones
[Part 5] Removed “Actions x/max” description when in parasite form
[Part 5] Removed “Up/Down” buttons from the elevator passage. Added correct descriptions for each floor.
[Part 5] Added a limiter to “overall awareness” for the value to stay in 0-100 bounds
[Part 2+] Fixed situation where on during the day events “check body” & “infested open” events bugged the message display with a “<<day_cycle>>: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘merged’)”
[Part 2+] Fixed “partnersex” night event not increasing “infected” quest count occurence


  • [Part 1] Space button can now be used to progress through most passages
  • [Part 1] ←, ↑, ↓, → button image directions can now be used by pressing the corresponding keyboard buttons
  • [Part 1+] Now “Map” can be closed by pressing the “M” key
  • [Part 5] Moved “Get outside of current host” lower on the passages
  • [Part 2+] Changed NPC during the day/daytime decision tree
  • [Part 5] Added plotline progression on `during the noon` passages
  • [Sex acts] Added doggystyle art image links. Changed doggystyle target requirement from a ‘fuckable anus’ to a ‘fuckable vagina’
  • [Part 5] Added busted meter that can be seen during the “Night” time phase
  • [Part 2] Added day and day of week display to profile image viewer
  • [Part 5] Added night infestation options that can be accessed in the “Night” time phase
  • [Part 5] Now in the ‘Night’ time phase parasite birthing event occur
  • [Part 5] Added extra descriptors to be more aware of time progression (start and end of ‘During the Day/Night’ events)
  • [Part 5] Added time progression icon at top left of character profile
  • [Part 5] Now attempting to infest the host while in werm form and the host perversion is less than 60 or resistance more than 40 will result in instant game over
  • [Part 2] Added Brett’s female version display if their gender is female
  • [Part 5] ‘Release pheromones’ action now increases host perversion, lowers host resistance. Message displayed on ‘During the Day/Night’ events page
  • [Part 5] Infection lvl of each room is now displayed on the overall map
  • [Part 5] Added ‘Mutate or Merge parasites’ options
  • [Part 5] Fixed empty ‘Continue’ passage link during Egg incubation infestation passage
  • [Sex acts] Fixed perspective issues in ‘Receive blowjob’ act
  • [Part 4] Fixed progression issues while using a biosuit to do pheromone infestations in houses
  • [Part 2] Removed Julie too large belly image links for suit gestation situation. Large belly images for gestation situation are now the same as for egg incubation situation
  • [Part 5] Fully removed ‘tension’ stat from having a role in ‘game over’ mechanics
  • [Part 5] ‘Release pheromones’ now infects the room with pheromones. Amount is relevant to the amount and type of parasites infesting the host. Message displayed on ‘During the Day/Night’ events page
  • [Part 2+] Fixed attached parasites color mutations not consuming intended fluids
  • [Part 2+] Fixed self injection of fluids. Fixed MC overnight vaginal colored parasite mutations
  • [Part 5] Removed the “Tension” stat from starting an instant “Game Over”
  • [Part 5] Now “release pheromones” advances time to the During the Day/Night events directly

Game Images & Screenshots


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