Lust Age [v0.20.0] By Keisi

Keisi Games released a new game called Lust Age and the version is 0.20.0. The game’s story is about Aspirant! Here you will find all kinds of girls who want to meet you (no kidding!). But… what is Lust Age, Keisi? I’m glad you asked me, Aspirant! Lust Age it’s a FREE adult Dating-Sim VN with RPG and Sandbox features.

You? you are… You! You can be anything you want. Choose from different professions that will define your role in the story and boost your stats with exclusive permanent benefits. You’re a normal guy living a normal life (boring!), you have a perverted friend (that sounds good!), but fate has something in store for you… Become the new Champion of Gold Valley, a place inhabited and ruled exclusively by women who want to meet the new Champion Aspirant… You! Earn the trust of the people and make them all fall in love with you!

Developer: Keisi
File Size: 5.68 GB
Version: 0.20.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


New content available: ALL DIFFICULTIES –

  • New main quest.
  • New mini-feature.


Complete the quest “Lisapi needs a job” to unlock this feature!

  • After completing this quest, you will be able to ask Lisapi for help to work for you.
  • More details during the quest.

General changes

  • Changed the painting of Aynia and Lisapi in the management room to HD. Also the one in Maria’s room.
  • Now anything you can interact with has a black outline (hover). This includes a new hover in the MC’s room (paintings).
  • Changed all crafting images (the ones where the item appears large with a background).
  • Added intelligence level 3 (Perks).
  • Redesigned the Perks panel to have a final design.
  • Correctly added Lisapi’s counter. This includes displaying the counter image correctly.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that showed a “chat icon” in the Moon Lake that shouldn’t appear.
  • Retranslated some descriptions of the Bravery Shop.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to visit Naluna/Enya using fast nav when it’s raining/snowing.
  • Lisapi’s paintings should now be displayed correctly (MC’s room).
  • In any quest where you sleep (next day), the days are now counted correctly, including weekdays, seasons, etc.

Developer Notes:

If you are worried about those “cursed” categories or no-no for you… Don’t worry!
Things that will NEVER be included in any project:

  • NTR
  • Cuck(insert category here)
  • No other men sex involved
  • No infidelity/adultery (I know, it’s the same as NTR, just to make it clear)
  • No rape
  • No mind control/corruption
  • No futa
  • No Bestiality

Handholding (in love stat) and handholding sex will be added (how dare you!)

All the content is and will be vanilla with a mix of love, harem love, kink, and fun! And most important of all, any perversion will be consented by the girls and you, with no forcing or manipulating. So don’t worry, Lust Age (or any future projects) are far from those kinds of categories***

Game Images & Screenshots


Update Only (v0.15.0 BASE -> v0.20.0)*

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