Let the Nightshine in [v0.17 Ch. 2] By Sieglinnde

Sieglinnde Games released a new game called Let the Nightshine in and the version is 0.17 Ch. 2. The game’s story is about You taking the role of a young man, he is dating Ariana, the love of his life… But the problems do not wait! One day he has a dream where his girl is doing “something” with another man, although he cannot distinguish what it was. Did you enjoy that dream? Will you lose the one you consider your greatest life partner? Or will you continue with her, experiencing different worldly pleasures? The outcome is in your hands.

Developer: Sieglinnde
File Size: 1.78 GB
Version: 0.17 Ch. 2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

0.17 Chapter 2

  • NTR/Sharing route updated
  • Sharing sub route updated

Developer Notes:

Today (2022/11/14) is my birthday! Yay! Inside the game (at the end of the update, after the thanks to my Patreons) I left some words for you about this. I also put a “motivational music” that will surely bring a tear to your eye… Or maybe you are not as sentimental as I am. In any case, thanks for being here for so long supporting me, next month (most probably the first few days) I will be showing you some previews about the new project I’ve been talking about, it will focus entirely on ntr/sharing. Stay tuned!

Game Images & Screenshots

Please read the Developer Notes!


Extras: Saves (Before 0.12 Ch.2)

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