Jessica’s Choices – Origins [Demo v2] By DoAdventures

DoAdventures Games released a new game called Jessica’s Choices – Origins and the version is Demo v2. The game’s story is about Hello and welcome to Jessica’s Choices – Origins The central theme of Jessica’s Choices – Origins revolves around self-discovery, resilience, and the impact of pivotal decisions. It explores how our choices shape our lives and the consequences that follow.​

Developer: DoAdventures
File Size: 475.4 MB
Version: Demo v2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Demo v2

  • Last Demo version before go live.
  • 19 choices, 21 in total at the moment and 3 achievements with 31 gallery images.
  • 399 renders.
  • Not all choices have all content added.

This is the official first game of my Jessica’s Choices mini universe which will see choices made in this game impact the future games (Forced, Prison and RED). As this is a demo, not everything has been implemented in terms of stats, achievements or moving the story forwards, but you will have a gallery view and see how one stat is impacted by story driven narrative. It is just me putting it out and looking to get some feedback where possible. As with my other game, the full story will released shortly – so if you would rather read the content than wait for the game, please do so.

Plot Points:

  1. Introduction to Jessica:
    • The story begins with Jessica, a young woman navigating life’s complexities. She’s at a crossroads, uncertain about her future.
    • We witness her daily routine, her relationships, and her inner struggles.
  2. Choices and Consequences:
    • Throughout her journey, Jessica faces critical decisions. Each choice she makes alters her path significantly.
    • These choices impact her relationships, career, and personal growth. Some lead to joy, while others bring heartache.
  3. Encounters and Allies:
    • Along the way, Jessica encounters diverse characters
    • Allies guide her, challenge her assumptions, and reveal hidden truths.
  4. Parallel Timelines:
    • Themes of nostalgia, regret, and hope intertwine as the timelines converge.
  5. Family Secrets:
    • Jessica unearths family secrets—betrayals, long-lost relatives, and forbidden love.
    • Her mother’s past holds the key to understanding her own existence.
  6. Emotional Turmoil:
    • Jessica grapples with conflicting emotions: anger, forgiveness, and acceptance.
    • Her journey becomes not only about unravelling mysteries but also about healing wounds.
  7. Climax and Revelation:
    • The climax reveals the true significance of her choices and their impact on her destiny.
  8. Resolution and Growth:
    • The story concludes with Jessica’s newfound clarity. She embraces her identity, forgives past mistakes, and charts a new course.
    • The theme of resilience shines through as she emerges stronger and wiser.

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