Guilty Loving Boxing [v4.3] By Tsufusha

Tsufusha Games released a new game called Guilty Loving Boxing and the version is 4.3. The game’s story is about “Guilty Loving Boxing” is a 3D boxing game for single players only. There are 17 characters in total, 11 female and 6 male. You can play female-on-female, male-on-male and even mixed gender fights. You can also choose from various costumes, glove colors, headgear, etc.​

Developer: Tsufusha
File Size: 950.4 MB
Version: 4.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

– Fixed the setting error in the costume unlock screen and image layout in the database.

Developer Notes:

Nobody really knows who set up the underground boxing ring “Guilty Boxing”.
Matches are organized via an app, and after gathering combatants, a location is secured.
It could be a gymnasium, a rental hall, or even somewhere in the mountains.
Includes basic moves such as punches, guarding, and clinches.
Deal enough damage to your opponent to see bruises on their face and body.
Enter training mode to fight an opponent who won’t fight back.
Set up bouts between CPU characters, sit back, and enjoy.
Switch between first and third-person perspectives.
4 maps – “Gymnasium”, “Practice Room”, “Hotel Room”, “Mountain”.
Different costumes including swimsuits, or topless for female characters, and underpants for male characters.
Changes the match rules regarding bout length and being down, change the background music and voices.
Play with all the above settings to create your ideal matchups!

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