Godson Remake [v0.1.8 GOLD] By Cheesecake3D

Cheesecake3D Games released a new game called Godson Remake and the version is 0.1.8 GOLD. The game’s story is about In Godson, you step into the shoes of a unique individual imbued with extraordinary abilities that set you apart from mere mortals. The world around you is far more layered and intricate than most people realize, and as the story unfolds, your choices shape not only your destiny but also the fabric of reality itself. At its core, this game dives deep into the complexities of human relationships—whether friendships or romances—each with its own set of consequences and moral dilemmas.

As you navigate through a myriad of scenarios, your actions will either forge strong alliances or sow the seeds of discord. With a rich, branching narrative, Godson offers a labyrinth of possibilities, inviting players to explore multiple paths and outcomes, all while unveiling a deeply engrossing story that captivates your imagination and challenges your ethical compass.​

Developer: Cheesecake3D
File Size: 4.74 GB
Version: 0.1.8 GOLD
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.1.8 Remake [GOLD]

v0.1.6 Godson Remake [GOLD EX]

  • Over 60 renders and 1 animation added.
  • Over 30 choices added.
  • 1 new sex animation with Marnie and an extra one from v0.1.5 GOLD (2 total, 2 new angles)
  • You can now make Marnie your girlfriend.
  • Deeper Story Progression.Bug fixes/spelling errors.

v0.1.5 Godson Remake

  • Over 200 renders and 3 animations added.
  • Over 100 choices added.
  • 2 new sex animations with Marnie.
  • 3 new female characters/love interests.
  • Deeper Story Progression.
  • You now start off with $500 instead of $150.
  • Better fleshed out Marnie scene from v0.1 where she comes into your room naked.
  • Bug fixes/spelling errors.


  • 4 New Scenes
  • 50+ New renders.
  • Tons more sound for more immersion.
  • New mouse cursor and chat bubble for choices.
  • First “ARC Choice”
  • Bug fixes and spelling errors
  • Story Explained


Developer Notes:

Where To Find The Sex Animations (There’s 4 of them): There’s 2 with Monoa, which is obvious if you just decide to go through with the porn scene. There’s also 2 at the end with Marnie, if you insist on her coming to your room. Also, make sure to say “I don’t believe this” when she tries to brush it off and tell you goodnight.

Game Images & Screenshots

Android (v0.1.6 GOLD EX): MEGA – GDRIVE

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