Furotic VR [2023-12-08] By FuroticVR

FuroticVR Games released a new game called Furotic VR and the version is 2023-12-08. The game’s story is about Furry VR simulator.

Developer: FuroticVR
File Size: 676.3 MB
Version: 2023-12-08
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • TLDR
  • It took six months and over 2,000 lines of code, but the penetration system is finally working!
  • There’s still some improvements to be made, for example by repositioning and aiming the hips with IK so it has a straight shot at the hole to reduce excessive curvature, but the penetrators now enter the orifices and no longer clip through the back of the head!
  • This was a long time in the works and really complicated to design, but it allows me to know penetration depth, speed and direction of movement, and other things that I need to implement various features in the pipeline. Anything can be an orifice with this system and passthrough orifices can work too, so in the not too distant future you’ll be able to grasp the dick in your hand and have it move through it.
  • Dicks will also smoothly transition into and out of penetration and back to being controlled by dynamic bones, and they can change orifices in the middle of an animation, so when a character finishes sucking the orifice will be disabled and the dick will flop back into place until they’re ready to go again!
  • Orifice animation is also working! Orifices will expand on entry of a penetrator, and they will contract slightly as it pulls out, closing again when it exits fully. This works with mouths too, so sucking animations will now look more lively!
  • And speaking of sucking, avatars will no longer try to turn their heads towards you while their mouth is busy with something else!
  • I’ve also added a new tail posing system for moving tails out of the way during animations to reduce clipping. This is also a big step on the way towards adding wagging! Some work still needs to be done here to handle tails colliding with beds and chairs. There is a ground collider active already but this only works with some of the animations.
  • I’ve temporarily changed the blowjob scenes to feature size-difference because until IK head aiming is implemented, this was the only way to get the mouth lined up properly without blocking the view of the dick with the muzzle or having other undesirable visual glitches.
  • I’ve added more variety to avatars by adjusting boob sizes, and by adjusting the size, shape, and materials for the dicks.
  • I made the female bear a bit thicker, and the female shark a little more muscular.
  • I adjusted materials on avatars in general to improve appearance. The rabbit no longer glows in the dark! Male wolf now has a greenish blue shirt. Eye color improved and more varied.
  • I’ve temporarily removed vest from stallion due to it clipping in every animation. Clothes will eventually be toggleable!
  • I finally solved the issue with the avatar’s eyes occasionally rolling back into their heads in the doggy style position in the guest room. Turns out I’d accidentally scaled the spawn point by -1 on the X axis and this messed with the avatar gaze animator system. Oops!
  • I’ve added light probe override transforms to all spawn points which are automatically applied to the avatars and everything attached to them. This both makes the lighting on the avatars consistent with each other, and allows me to place avatars anywhere without concern for the light probes in a particular area being too dark or having a weird color cast. All characters should now appear well lit in their locations!
  • I fixed the bed in the master bedroom being flipped on one axis which caused it to have subtly wrong lighting.
  • I’ve scaled down all the leather chairs a bit because they were unrealistically large and the excessive seat height didn’t work well with the existing animations.
  • I adjusted the tail physics slightly. They should bounce a bit more now during animations.
  • Tails currently have dynamic bones disabled for certain animations where they are seated or lying in bed, but this will change in the future once I add the ability to adjust the colliders for each spawn point.
  • Finally, where a pussy is not available for an animation to target, the system will choose to target the anus instead. For now this is only used in the missionary position. I’d implemented a “Prefer Pussy” checkbox on the menu to switch from anal to vaginal in other animations, but it didn’t work well so I’ve disabled it for now. Once I start implementing IK stuff I can revisit this because I’ll need to rotate the hips to make it work well.

New Build!
A new build is now available and the link will be posted shortly for those in the $10 tier. This build will become available to the $5 tier whenever the next build is ready.

Developer Notes:

First Build Released! Hey guys, It came right down to the wire, but here’s the May build! I’ll do a detailed writeup later of what I’ve been working on these past few weeks. But for now, here are the controls: Left stick – Smooth movement. Click and hold to run. Right stick – Smooth rotation + teleportation. I don’t know what the controls will map to on the Vive wands, but if you need to remap the controls, go down to the bottom of your steam games list and click add a game, and select non-steam game, then browse to where you installed the files. This will also allow Steam VR overlays and playspace moving to work in the game if you have those installed. Please do not share the download link with others. Thanks!

Game Images & Screenshots

: Furotic-12.8.2023.zip – 676.3 MB


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