Extracurricular Activities [v1.172] By WolfBite Interactive LLC

WolfBite Interactive LLC Games released a new game called Extracurricular Activities and the version is 1.172. The game’s story is about story follows the main character (you!) as you play tennis with a college team while trying to make it through your classes. Throughout the story, depending on the choices you make, you may or may not find romance with the other players on the team. Your choices change the way the story will progress, so be wary of the paths you take! This is a silly, upbeat story, but everyone does have their hardships as well, so will they show their deepest secrets or keep you locked out?​

Developer: WolfBite Interactive LLC
File Size: 1.02 GB
Version: 1.172
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Richard Day 23 = His last update really left a bad taste in your mouth, huh? Will this update do the same, or will things hopefully get better?
  • Corrected an issue where Dwayne wasn’t triggering properly in the opening dream sequence on Day 3.
  • Added the MC’s apartment room BG for Dwayne’s route (I’ve had it, I just forgot to implement it)
  • Important Reminder! The next update for 06/16 is going to be housekeeping. Partly because I have guests that’ll be here for a few days and partly because I will be updating my version of Renpy. In case you missed the notes about that, check this post. All save files will most likely break with this. I think there’s a whole bunch of stuff that I’m going to have to adjust in the code, and I’ll be finding that out in the next few days.

Game Images & Screenshots

Dev Note – If you get a crash after the MC says ‘Mmhmm.” at school, start your file over. I messed up some of Dwayne’s internal code that was causing some variable issues. I fixed it, but it’s still possible it’ll cause trouble for some people.


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