Escape From Z City 3 [v0.29a] By SunNTR

SunNTR Games released a new game called Escape From Z City 3 and the version is 0.29a. The game’s story is about Help Rena Escape​

Developer: SunNTR
File Size: 3.56 GB
Version: 0.29a
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Fixed a bug that Okamoto’s busts weren’t displayed properly in some dialogues;
  • Fixed a bug that notifications disappeared after an item was deleted in the shop menu;
  • Fixed a bug that BGM wasn’t played repeatedly in the BOSS battle of the parking lot;
  • Fixed a bug that health bar wasn’t displayed properly on Easy difficulty;
  • Fixed a bug that the event took place repeatedly after Okamoto got into Mayor’s office;
  • Fixed a bug that some of item descriptions were incorrect;
  • Fixed a bug that the extinguisher was still in the backpack after the burning tanker was quenched;
  • Fixed a bug that Rena’s busts weren’t displayed properly in some dialogue


  • Added a new side story;
  • Added Gallery Mode, you could display the menu by interacting the laptop in Okamoto’s room when you play as him(Special Mode On);
  • Added a new H event in the Gallery Mode (Special Mode On);
  • Added new explorable areas in the shelter (Maze Interior);
  • Fixed a bug that the armory and pharmacy were still available when you played as Okamoto;

Fixed a bug that player was unable to enter the room 104 again in the flat after the door was unlocked


  • Press “Down” button could expel the “liquid” from Rena’s womb;
  • Added a new enemy named “Criminal” and his hentai animations;
  • Added new areas named “Abandoned Flat”(Part Two);
  • Added a new side story(Part Two);
  • Added a new consumable”Medkit” used for health recovery, and other key items;
  • Fixed a bug that after-image was still on after Rena got hit by enemy;
  • Fixed a bug that the sexual harasssment was unable to be triggered repeatedly ;
  • Fixed a bug that description in the hentai statistics menu is incorrect after Rena sex with Zombie(Tenant);


Developer Notes:

Escape From Z City 3 – v0.14 (stil in development)

Game Images & Screenshots

: Escape_From_Z_City_3_v0.29.5a_en.rar – 3.6 GB
Extras:  save v0.29.5a en.rar – 13.4 MB


Extras: SAVE

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