Eon [v0.18] By Nenad Asanovic

Nenad Asanovic Games released a new game called Eon and the version is 0.18. The game’s story is about EON Prohibited Chapters is point and click adventure type of game with a mixture of crafting game. If you never played any of point and click adventures before don’t worry, it is very easy to play this type of games. As name of genre say, you just point your cursor to object/character, click it and main character will interact with it/her. There are 3 (4) main characters that you may play with. They all have their unique stories and unique worlds. So there is: Sci-Fi, fantasy and post apocalyptical world. Their stories can be played as stand alone but there will be (in future) ways to “connect” this 3 stories. So it means a quest of 1 character may have some sort of impact to a quest of some of other characters.

Developer: Nenad Asanovic
File Size: 13.83 GB
Version: 0.18
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • When using a bed at Bordello, there is no need to get naked anymore. However, it will reset Freya to her casual outfit, even if she does wear something else. (I’ll try to fix that in the future)
  • Advancing Gruber quests takes much less loot boxes (4 max for Lvl.2 and so on).
  • Bringing loot boxes to Gruber as Freya is much higher now (at LVL.5 between 100 and 150 scraps)
  • Cain can no longer enter Freya’s apartment in Shelter 25 (that was a bug that he could).
  • 1 new animation with Freya VIP outfit added with priest in Underground Streets.
  • 1 new animation with Freya VIP outfit added with Brandon and Russell in Extin City Workshop (for making money)
  • 1 new animation with Freya with all outfits added with Logan (for making money in Shanty Town mine)
  • 2 new working girls were added (you will have to find them to join Bordello first).
  • 1 is in front of the nightclub, and the other in Dream apartments.
  • 1 new animation with a new working girl added when she is working in bordello.
  • 3 new animations with another new working girl added when she is working in Bordello.
  • 1 new animation added to the new girl when you play with Cain (free sluts quest updated) A new girl is in the Shelter 25 game room.
  • You can buy a few decorations for the Freya apartment from Ava in the Underground Market. If you use a gramophone after placing it on a cabinet in Freya’s house, you will be able to change her house background music to any music from Freya’s collection that you have.
  • Once you get frames for pictures on the wall of the Freya apartment, you may buy some paintings from Nenad in his art studio in Forsaken City.
  • Four new diaries can be found.

Developer Notes:

Here is what is included in this demo: – Sci-fi 2 scenes, 4 different outfits, pet system, map (atm empty but you may check how map looks) – Fantasy 2 scenes, map, 1 mini quest, many animations, 2 outfits, 1 sex scene preview. – Ruined world 3 scenes, 2 outfits, pet system, some animations I am aware of possible glitches but sure you can post any issue here, Also a some feedback of what you think about game would be more then welcome. This is very very early stage of development of game mechanics so please be aware of that. Game will expand much more then it’s shown in this demo. There will be full questing system as well so you will be able to track even side quests (similar to hint in Willy D game) I hope you will all find this lil demo fun to test. Please leave feedback here in comments or message me, or discuss on my discord about it. Have fun and take care.

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