Clover EFI bootloader 5.0 Full macOS

Clover EFI bootloader 5.0 macOS is a powerful bootloader that can boot macOS and Windows with Linux. But its main feature is loading Mac OS X. The app is capable of booting UEFI directly, but it can also emulate UEFI firmware. This application is very popular among all MacBook users for its unique and simple user interference.

Clover EFI bootloader 5.0 Full macOS

Noteworthy is that you have the option to personalize the bootloader’s installation: you can choose to install Clover EFI for UEFI booting only, you can install Clover EFI in the ESP, you can apply a custom theme, decide which drives or scripts should be deployed, and so on.

Clover EFI bootloader 5.0 Full Key Features

  • Boot macOS 10.xx, Windows EFI and Linux EFI systems;
  • Clover EFI provides operating systems with Runtime Services that is not possible with BIOS-based boot loaders;
  • Basically, Clover automatically detects installed hardware and sets the desired properties by default, but the user can change the settings in the config.plist file;
  • Clover allows you to use the Boot Volume panel in System Preferences;
  • The boot volume can be specified by the UUID in the config.plist file;
  • Automatic editing of SMBIOS tables to comply with the 2.6 standard;
  • Automatic editing of ACPI tables to comply with the 4.0 standard;
  • The modified DSDT can be loaded from the OS root partition or from the EFI directory;
  • On-the-fly DSDT correction – via built-in fixes and custom templates;
  • Restoring the functionality of reboot, sleep and wake up;
  • Automatic connection of ATI, NVidia and Intel video cards with customization options;
  • Recovery of USB functionality up to the 3.0 standard;
  • Injection of properties for devices on the PCI bus, incl. sound and network cards;
  • Possibility to customize power management and processor frequencies;
  • Loading or dumping additional ACPI tables (SSDT-xx, APIC, BOOT, SLIC, SLIT, SRAT, UEFI, etc.);
  • Loading third-party OS kernel extensions;
  • On-the-fly kernel edits and OS extensions;
  • Full support for NVRAM functionality;
  • Pause before loading the OS, customizable appearance, the ability to take screenshots by pressing F10;
  • Saving pre- (by pressing F2) and post-boot reports for diagnostics and debugging.

Clover EFI bootloader 5.0 Full macOS

What’s New

  • This release includes OcQuirks.efi and OpenRuntime.efi copied from the OpenCore project.
  • OcQuirks.plist embedded into config.plist and present in Clover GUI as a separate menu to tune settings on the fly.
  • Kernel patching includes patterns for Big Sur.

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