Cabin by the Lake [v0.34d] By Nunu

Nunu Games released a new game called Cabin by the Lake and the version is 0.34d. The game’s story is about When you were younger you were inseparable from the girls you grew up with, but as time past they moved away and you grew apart. But now you are coming to a reunion, to reconnect and see how you’ve all changed and grown. Although it might not go well at first, you find yourself back there again, with the power to change how things went. What will you shape your relations into? Why is the past changing? And how is the reunion repeating?​

Developer: Nunu
File Size: 929.4 MB
Version: 0.34d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:



  • An entirely new version of Carla sunbathing
  • An entirely new version of Carla’s massage
  • When talking to Carla, you might ask her a pertinent question
  • This is her Corruption Max progression scene
  • You can get a mail from her after this
  • You can get a new mail from Lin in the hot tub
  • Alex and Carla BJ chicken moved into the loop and expanded as a part of Alex Fixes Sami
  • You can get a mail from Alex in this scene if she is fertile and you haven’t otherwise had sex
  • Changes:
  • Updated all development cheats
  • Minor updates to several Carla scenes
  • Bugs:
  • You can now only have sex with Carla during the tea scene at C5
  • One of Lina’s mails about Jenny is now gettable again

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