A New World [v0.10] By Purple_Afro2002

Purple_Afro2002 Games released a new game called A New World and the version is 0.10. The game’s story is about Your mother abandoned you and your father, so he raised you alone since you were a child and when you were 22 years old what frightened you the most happened, your father died. As you are alone you decide to sell the house that your father left you to move just before the sale you decide to take things out of the attic where you find a box that belonged to your mother, inside it you find a necklace that belonged to her you decide to take it with you, but when you take it this necklace transports you to a place unknown to you and then you discover that your mother did not leave you, she just went to A New World.​

Developer: Purple_Afro2002
File Size: 143.3 MB
Version: 0.10
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • It is recommended to start a new game in this version.
  • End of the Introduction
  • Added the option to choose NTR or NO when meeting Roxan.
  • Added an Event for Roxan with a Sex Scene in the Non NTR Route.
  • Made some visual changes in the menu.
  • Added an event for Debra with Sex Scene.


Developer Notes:

Previously, I was working on a game called 4 Mothers with a friend, but due to some problems we had it will not be developed anymore, but I will try to start developing this one alone.
If you want you can help the development of this game by supporting on PATREONand follow me on TWITTER,
anyway the game will always be free.

Game Images & Screenshots

(English): A_New_World_0.10_English.rar – 143.3 MB
Win (Spanish): A_New_World_0.10_Español.rar – 143.3 MB


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